Moodle Game Module

Moodle Game Module

Link to available games on the Moodle platform.


Considerations for Online Course Development

The following represents a list of important considerations when creating an online course.  The list is a combination of my own ideas and those from my classmates in EDUC 4151.

– Clear criteria and suggested amount of time for learning activities and assessments.

– Frequent and timely communication from the instructor.

– User-friendly layout and navigation of the course website and resources.

– Diversity of media (articles, images, videos, etc.) to address different learning styles.

– Activities encourage interaction amongst learners.

– Be open to feedback about course layout and content.

– Conduct mid-term surveys to see how the course progresses and to check whether your learners are meeting course objectives.

– Always have a backup plan and additional tools to continually encourage the robust learning environment.

– Use visuals wherever possible to cut down on the volume of text.

– Check that all attachments, URLs, etc. are functioning.

– Start the course with ice breakers and informal introductions of students and instructor. Slowly move into more challenging activities as the course proceeds.

– Set up weekly interactive tutorial sessions which act as review sessions to help ensure students don’t get too far behind on the content of the course.

– Know who your learners are, how old they are and which are the best learning strategies for them.

– Make sure the course is easy to follow and clear instructions are given to the participants.