Week 10 and Blog Wrap-Up

The last week of the course is here and I am busily working on my last assignment.  I’ve been reflecting on this blog that I’ve created over the past nine weeks.  Overall, I’m very satisfied with the blog I have created over the duration of this course. It contains carefully selected resources and reflective comments that I know I will refer to when I build my online courses. I admit I was initially wary about setting up a blog for this course. I had never blogged before and had never followed other people’s blogs, so I questioned how useful this tool would be. When first creating my blog I wondered why would other people be interested in reading about my journey. However, I realized that the blog was not a tool for others to use, it was a tool for me. With that in mind, I was able to create a blog based on my preferences, resources of choice, and personal thoughts that I wanted to record. Therefore, the ultimate goal of creating the blog has been met: I’ve created a tool that will help me develop my online course in EDUC 4152. The blog posts are organized into categories so I can easily go back and find particular posts. I initially set up the blog to be organized by the type of resource, e.g. links to webpages, video and audio clips, book references, etc. I chose to set it up this way because I thought this is how I would search for the resources and posts. I quickly found out that this was an inefficient system so I took on the task of re-categorizing the entire blog about halfway through the course. I changed the categories from the type of resource to the subject matter, e.g. General eLearning Resources, Technology and Social Media Resources, Adult Learning & Andragogy Resources, and so on. I was extremely pleased with the new organizational system and have since found it much easier to search for past posts and resources.  I hope to continue contributing to this blog in the future!


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