How My Thinking Has Changed

At the beginning of the EDUC 4151 course, we were asked to post five practical considerations for taking a face to face course and putting it online.  My five were as follows:

1. Clear criteria and time for activities

2. Frequent and timely communication with instructor

3. User-friendly and well-organized

4. Diversity of media

5. Interaction among learners

Now at week 9 of the course we were asked to post three practical considerations for setting up an online course (a similar question).  My three were as follows:

1. Nature of technology (ease/reliability/accessibility)

2. Relationship between technology and learning objectives

3. Logical organization

It was definitely interesting to look back at the five statements from week one versus the three statements from this week.  One of my five appeared again this week, being that the course must be well-organized and easy to navigate.  Other than that, my focus has shifted from instructional methods to the technology itself (and how that technology can be used effectively).  Interesting trend!  This means that I have moved beyond the basic course design and am more involved with the technology and the role it plays in learning.


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