Less Than 2 Weeks to Go

After a busy weekend of moving, I am surprised to realize that there are less than 2 weeks left in the EDUC 4151 course.  Despite being a bit behind on the final project, I am starting to get into it more deeply.  In these early stages of my online course development training, I am definitely feeling shaky about my abilities to actually pull an effective module together.  My approach is to put myself in my learner’s shoes and think about what technology would help me learn best, and what would simply be distracting or otherwise ineffective.  My learners are typically not tech-savvy and I don’t want the learning objective to be overshadowed by the technology.  I think I need to start simple and see how it goes, and I can always add more complex technology in the future if it fits.  The SECTIONS model is quite helpful in pinpointing why I will choose to use particular features in my online course, and why I wouldn’t choose to use others.

All in all, it will be a busy and hopefully productive 10 days to complete this course!


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