Onto Week 2 of EDUC 4151

After an enjoyable first week of the EDUC 4151 course, I wanted to pause and reflect before moving onto the Week 2 course material.  First of all, I am thrilled with the course instructor.  She has proven to be organized, friendly, approachable, and so much more.  She has already set a great example for us as budding online instructors and I think I will learn a lot from her, directly and indirectly.  Second, it’s great to be back with the same classmates again.  We all suffered through the poorly-run EDUC 4150 course last semester and that somehow brought us closer together.  I’m used to having different peers in each course I take, so it’s nice to “see” familiar faces.  Finally, starting my own blog has been an interesting process.  It’s been fun to learn the ins and outs of blogging – something completely new to me.  I’ve personalized my blog and created categories for my posts, but I can already see some flaws in my categorization system so I will need to work on that this week.  Hopefully I can get it organized before the volume of posts increases further.

I’ve enjoyed the course so far and am looking forward to this week’s topics!


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