New to Blogging

I’m ashamed to admit that, in this day and age, this is my first experience with blogging.  I’ve never been interested in reading or writing blogs and I don’t currently follow any blogs.  This has been the case for a few reasons:

– I usually don’t have the time

– I don’t know how to find blogs that interest me

– I already sit at a computer WAY too much and would rather read books/articles

Although I have never blogged before, I am pretty good at figuring out how to use different technologies.  For example, I figured out how to make a Wiki and have since created several for different purposes.  Also, I currently use WordPress to update the website for my workplace, so I’m familiar with the platform.  Therefore, I’m not concerned about my abilities as a blogger.

I think I’ll enjoy blogging – it will be a great way to track my progress through my teacher training course work.  I can keep a log of what I learn, any ideas I came up with, any resources I find, my reflections on what I learn, and so on.  I do keep a printed course binder for each teaching course I take, but a blog is so much better because of the diversity of media that can be included beyond just notes.  Also, it’s easier for me to access my blog than dig through a pile of binders when I need to refer back.  My goal for this blog is to create a full detailed synopsis of my experience in the EDUC 4151 course so it becomes a platform for the next course in the program and a permanent resource for myself.  I’m hoping to add to my blog at least every second day to capture my full experience in the course.  I’ll be thankful in the future if I put more effort into the blog now.


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